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Solo Antarctic Explorer Dies In The Snow And Leaves Behind A Series of Tragic Selfies  

Mick Jacobs

With most of the world already traversed, Antarctica remains one of the final frontiers for explorers. British Army Officer Henry Worsley felt that draw, which led him to Antarctica multiple times. The video below delves into his final, and quite saddening, expedition.

Worsley's connection with Antarctica actually began before he was ever born. An ancestor of his was part of an expedition led by Ernest Shackleton, one of Britain's most renowned explorers.

Shackleton's failed attempt to traverse across Antarctica in 1914 was an inspiration for Worsley, who led two successful expeditions of his own to the continent. His third and final expedition, unfortunately, turned out to be his last.

Even still, Worsley managed to get extremely close to his goal, and is remembered to this day as a fearless explorer. Watch the video below to learn about the life and successes of Henry Worsley.