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These Fallen Angels Might Have Been Imprisoned In Antarctica

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Many believers and non-believers alike think the Bible and similar ancient texts were created by man to provide an explanation as to why and how we got here. For some, the reasons and writing are divinely ordained. For others, the stories and myths told through these texts were written to make the unexplained a little more explainable.

The Book of Enoch is one such ancient text. Enoch barely gets a nod in the Bible - he is acknowledged as an ancestor to Noah, and that's about it - but his own book tells a story of demons, archangels, and giants. According to the text, a group of angels called Watchers taught humans a trove of unholy concepts, and God imprisoned them deep inside the Earth as punishment.

While the Book of Enoch doesn’t specify where exactly on Earth the Watchers lie dormant, some conspiracy theorists - notably Steven Ben-Nun - think the fallen angels of Enoch have been imprisoned in the Antarctic ice, are still alive, and are waiting for their redemption.

While this isn’t the first creepy Antarctica story to surface, it’s definitely the most devout.

  • Enoch Tried To Intervene Between The Angels And God

    When God saw what the fallen angels and their offspring were doing, he warned Enoch there was going to be a great flood that would wipe out the entirety of humankind. God said He’d spare Enoch from this future scenario and invited him to Heaven to witness what was coming.

    Enoch, acting as an intermediary between God and the fallen angels, told the Watchers what God had in store for them. The lead fallen angel, Azazel, asked Enoch to intervene and beg God for mercy on the Watchers' behalf. God refused the plea, and the "Great Flood" occurred as did the fallen angels' imprisonment. When the flood occurred in the King James Bible, Noah - Enoch's descendant - and his family were spared from death.

  • A Battle Between Angelic Good And Evil Ensued

    After the Watchers, their wives, and the Nephilim brought humans knowledge that led them away from God, their corruption and rebellious ways could no longer be overlooked by the Almighty. According to the Book of Enoch, righteous angels came to Earth to fight the fallen angels, and the Watchers were quickly defeated.

    As punishment for their digressions, the fallen angels were shackled and banished by God to Tartarus, a "prison" where they await their redemption. According to Bible scholar and Conservative activist Steven Ben-Nun, Tartarus may be located deep beneath the Antarctic.

  • Antarctica Has Always Been Shrouded In Mystery

    Antarctica Has Always Been Shrouded In Mystery
    Photo: NASA / James Yungel / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    Antarctica - the coldest, dryest, and most barren continent on the planet - is said to hold secrets that have yet to be discovered as of 2019. This once-tropical land is now mostly covered in ice and has been the subject of mystery ever since the South Pole was formally discovered in the early 20th century. According to scientists, underneath the thick sheets of ice are mountain ranges, lakes, and ancient microbes in a state of suspended animation.

    In 2006, NASA announced it found an electromagnetic anomaly that stretches 151 miles across in the Wilkes Land area of Antarctica. This unknown mass is generally thought to be contained in a 300-mile-wide impact crater from a meteorite that struck the content and potentially caused the Permian-Triassic extinction about 250 million years ago. While it could be nothing more than a natural entity,  conspiracy theorists like Steven Ben-Nun believe it is where the fallen angels are imprisoned.

  • A YouTube Commentator Thinks The Fallen Angels Are Alive And Imprisoned Below The Ice In Wilkes Land, Antarctica

    A YouTube Commentator Thinks The Fallen Angels Are Alive And Imprisoned Below The Ice In Wilkes Land, Antarctica
    Photo: Israeli News Live / YouTube

    Steven Ben-Nun, a Conservative commentator for the Israeli News Live YouTube channel, believes the massive object deep in the Antarctic ice causing a gravitational disturbance is actually the fallen angels and their offspring imprisoned by God but still very much alive. He cites passages in the Book of Enoch to bolster his theory, including 1 Enoch 18:1-16:

    And I went towards the south, and it was burning day and night, where there were seven mountains of precious stones, three towards the east and three towards the south.

    This could describe Antarctica in the summer season which has nearly 24 hours of daylight. Enoch also describes a mountain range of seven mountains which Ben-Nun believes is the Sentinel Mountain Range.