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Anthony Weiner has somehow managed to turn his fifteen minutes of fame (caused by an infamous political sex scandal) into half a decade of conversations about his sex life. He must have the best/worst PR person on the planet. If you don’t know what the deal is with the Anthony Weiner sex scandal, you’re about to receive a crash course in bad decision making.

Anthony Weiner’s online activity from 2010 to 2013 was terrible, baffling, and incredibly entertaining. If nothing else, Anthony Weiner knows how to make very amusing decisions even when he’s completely ruining his life. Here's hoping you’re ready to read a lot of penis puns, because this is all the Anthony Weiner sex life information that you never knew you wanted to learn.

If you’re trying to teach the teenagers in your life how not to act on social media, let them read one of the Anthony Weiner sex interviews linked here. Not only will they never send nude pictures to anyone, but there’s a good chance they’ll throw their smart phones away and try to set their computers on fire. This collection of Anthony Weiner sex quotes and other stories about his sex life are somehow very funny and very sad at the same time. You’re going to need a shower after reading this.

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He Doesn't Understand How Twitter Works

Most of Anthony Weiner's troubles began when he started sexting (or, more technically, sending sexy DMs through Twitter. What is that called? Sweeting? No?). He sent a few different women pictures of his taut congressional abs and his junk. After everything was said and done, what caused this scandal to really explode was the fact that Weiner didn't understand the difference between @ mentions and direct messages. For shame. Also, he may still not know that pretty much everything on Twitter is public.

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He Offered to Put Sydney Leathers Up in a Sex Condo

According to Sydney Leathers, at one point in their sexting relationship, the Mayoral candidate offered to put her up in a Chicago condo so they could have sex whenever he was in town. He also told her that if she dropped his name at the DNC, she could get into the convention for free. It's every girl's dream. 

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He Has a Foot Fetish

While Weiner was carrying on his digital indiscretion with Sydney Leathers, she found out the weird way that he had a foot fetish. After sending him all kinds of nudes, he revealed that he really just wanted a picture of her feet in a pair of sparkly shoes. It's good work if you can find it. 

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There's a Gay Porn Parody of His Scandal


When news of Weiner's sexting scandal broke, the porn industry predictably made a parody. The trailer for Anthony's Weener is actually pretty funny, but it's also NSFW (for language, it's an otherwise clean trailer). So don't press play unless you're a fan of comedy or men having sex with each other.
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