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The Most Savage Anti-Trump Songs

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Since the 2016 presidential election, more and more anti-Trump songs have been popping up. Whether you're joining a protest, marching at an impeachment rally, registering to vote, or just want to listen to funny songs about Trump, this Trump playlist features everything from rap to country. Featuring both mainstream and underground bands, singers, and rappers, popular artists who have released anti-Trump songs include YG, Common, Death Cab for Cutie, Eminem, Madonna, Janelle Monáe, and Public Enemy.

Vote up the best anti-Donald Trump songs and lyrics, and add any other diss tracks about President Trump if they're missing from the list. 

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    "Si llega a ser presidente
    Va a haber bronca en cada estado"

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    "Tiny-minded man of few syllables and a temper
    Low-blow fashionable fear and loathing
    Bullsh*t wolf in outsourced sheep's clothing"

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    "'I moved on her like a b*tch'
    Excited to be indicted"

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    Radioinactive (Ft. Sheila Brody)

    "Well there's racist people that worship money
    Economical enema on demand
    Making America Stupid Again
    Illegal immigrants founded this country
    But took it from Natives"

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    "Everybody knows they don't have a chance
    Get a decent job, have a normal life
    When they talk reform, it makes me laugh
    They pretend to help, it makes me laugh"

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    "Says he can make us great again 
    Says that he knows how 
    He’s gonna build a wall big and tall 
    and kick everybody out" 

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    Sam Cohen

    "In the court of public fury
    Justice and wisdom are condemned"

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