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16 Anti-Vax Memes That Question Anti-Vax Logic

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"Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism." Note the capitalization. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has spoken against anti-vaxxers - people who are opposed to vaccinations because they believe they're connected to autism and other disorders, despite no scientific evidence to support such a theory. Anti-vaxxers, who include a lot of celebrities, pretty much base their argument on a single essay that has since been debunked.

And even though, according to the World Health Organization, immunizations prevent 2 million to 3 million people from losing their lives each year, anti-vaxxers persist. Arguing with them via loads of common sense and scientific evidence seems to be pointless, so frustrated pro-vaxxers have found another outlet: memes. Memes that take down anti-vaxxers are humorous and even informative, but underneath all the hilarity is an underlying dark poignancy that people are getting really sick from easily preventable diseases.