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All The Winners of America's Next Top Model: Where Are They Now?

Updated December 4, 2019 245.6k views19 items

For cycle after cycle, the reality TV show America's Next Top Model has entertained viewers while making aspiring models' dreams come true. Women - and eventually men - competed for contracts and their break into the competitive world of modeling. But where are America's Next Top Model winners now? Did they continue advancing their careers, or did they leave the high-pressure fashion industry?

It's fascinating to discover what ANTM winners are up to. They come from a fan-favorite franchise; the series, created and executive produced by Tyra Banks, enjoyed success on UPN, The CW, and VH1. The show led to more than 30 international spin-offs, and launched the careers of many an aspiring catwalk-strutter. But after more than 20 seasons on the air, it’s only natural to wonder about what former winners are up to.

ANTM winners: where are they now? From making additional television appearances to opening up restaurants, here's what your favorite aspiring models got up to after leaving the Top Model House.