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The Best Easter Eggs And References Hidden In 'Ant-Man'

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Even though the title character is one of Marvel’s lesser-known heroes, Ant-Man made a huge splash at the box office during its premiere weekend. A lot of armchair film critics assumed the tiny Marvel property would fail to connect with viewers who aren’t already versed in the comic company’s rich backstory. Luckily, they were wrong. Ant-Man is filled with enough action and heist-style tension to keep even the most lackluster of comic book fans on the edge of their seat, but that doesn’t mean the film’s producers didn’t pack it full of Easter eggs for the not-so-casual viewer. If you’re still lost in the frenzy of the film’s final act and aren’t sure if you missed any hidden references, we’ve got you covered with this list of the coolest Easter eggs in Ant-Man.

It should go without saying that this list is full of spoilers. It’s spoilerific, if you will, so if you plan on reading, please watch the movie first. Even if you only liked Ant-Man half as much as we did, you’ll love knowing these references to the Marvel Universe that were hidden in the movie. Just don’t yell them out the next time you’re sitting in the theater.

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    The New Avengers Shout Out - When Scott Breaks Into Stark Industries

    When Lang pays a visit to the New Avengers facility seen at the end of Age Of Ultron, we discover that it was an old Stark Industries building before being converted, which makes sense. But Lang also gets a taste of fighting super dudes when he tangles the newest Avenger, Falcon. And he wins! Not the best way to start your career off, Falcon.

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    Eternity - During Scott's Trip To The Quantum Realm

    During Scott's trip to the quantum realm there was an outline of somebody or something seen. It was extremely quick and easy to miss, but Ant-Man director Peyton Reed confirmed something was there. Considering Ant-Man's story, it is likely a reference to the trapped Janet van Dyne but there's another possibility: Eternity. The Marvel character represents all time in the universe. As Scott shrunk down to what seemed to be a horrid fate, Hank Pym's voice spoke in his head, reiterating the word, "Eternity," which may turn out not to be a coincidence.
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    Gi-Ant - When Scott Makes A Dog-Sized Ant

    Toward the end of the film, with the help of some size-changing discs  we begin to see the Ant-Man crew exploring the world of making small things large, including a Thomas the Tank train and an ant the size of a dog. This somewhat foreshadows the news/rumors that Ant-Man will be turning into Giant-Man in Civil War (That's pronounced Gi...Ant-Man). 

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    The Microverse - When Scott Shrinks Down The Quantum Realm

    The Subatomic Realm shown in Ant-Man is actually a direct reference to Marvel's Microverse: a realm that Hank Pym describes as being outside the reality of time and space, and where Scott Lang seems to catch instant amnesia. With the fact that reality, time, space, and presumably mind (four of the six infinity stones) have no real bounds in the Microverse, could this be the MCU's answer to escaping the power of the Infinity Gauntlet? Or is it their way of saying that we should watch out for a Micronauts movie in Stage 4?

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