Warning Signs To Look Out For When Renting An Apartment Or Home

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People who've been ripped off when renting only, vote up the signs you wish you hadn't ignored.

Renting a new apartment or house can feel like a chance to start over, a fresh environment to put down roots and create new memories. But when looking for an apartment to rent, be sure to pay close attention to the details, both in the rental agreement and in the unit itself. While most people focus on the larger amenities a rental home has, it is often the smaller features that can reveal the true condition of a building and its potential for stress-inducing issues.

Listening to your gut is a good place to start. If something doesn't feel right about the unit you're considering - or if the rental agreement sounds too good to be true - honor your instinct and listen to what it says. Property owners are not necessarily in the rental game because they have a charitable urge to house and shelter people. It's a business, and they're in it for money. And, unfortunately, it's up to prospective tenants to make sure everything is safe and legal.

Below are some red flags to look out for when renting an apartment or home.