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14 Pro Tips To Keep In Mind When Looking For A New Apartment

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Moving to a new apartment can be an exciting new chapter in a person's life. Having a fresh start and a new place to call home can be super refreshing! However, it does come with a lot of stress and uncertainty. How do you know you've found the right place? Are you getting scammed? Will it fall through? Lucky for you, we've rounded up the top tips from the people of the internet on finding a good place to call home - check it out!

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    Play Detective

    From Redditor /u/Randomwordcombo

    When scoping out potential neighborhoods, check out the local grocery stores to get a good sense of the type of people that live in that neighborhood.

    Don't forget to look for "common sense" things that you may be taking for granted. When I was looking for my first apartment, I was so concerned with looking at everything else, and forgot to check to see if it had a dishwasher, and was stuck washing everything by hand for a few years.

    Also, scope out the parking situation.

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    Ask, Ask, Ask!

    From Redditor /u/notavailable

    Ask about utilities, what is included in rent and what you'll be paying separately.

    Ask about maintenance. What will the landlord fix, will it be free, etc.

    Ask about the internet; if there is only Comcast in the area you should probably live somewhere else.

    If it concerns you, ask about the pet policy (allergies or pets of your own).

    Make sure you see the actual apartment you are moving into. Don't be duped by a showroom. If it's "not ready," ask when it will be ready. Don't move in until you actually see your apartment.

    Try to find out a little about your potential neighbors. Any babies that might be crying at 3 am, or dogs to bark at that same time. Are they college students that will keep wild hours? Or an old couple that expects no noise whatsoever after 8 pm?

    Make sure you know the neighborhood. You don't wanna move somewhere with weekly shootings and daily break-ins. Will, there be live music played within 100 yards of the apartment?

    What's the smoking policy? Even if you don't smoke, your neighbors might, and the stink will travel.

    Washer/dryer? In the apartment? A shared one for the building? None at all? Easy to forget, but is pretty important.

    In both the show apartment and the one you'll be moving in to, look for signs of rodents/bugs. Cabinets and doors, behind the fridge and oven, anywhere and everywhere. If you see signs of insects or rodents, stay away.

    Check the water. Is the pressure good? Is the temperature good?

    What is the parking situation? The best way to get an idea is to drive through in the middle of the night when most if not all people are home.

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    Kid Friendly?

    From Redditor /u/SnideJaden

    One thing I noticed about places while looking for apartments, some places had belongings (stoves, seating, decorations) and kids' toys left sitting out on front/back porch. That's definitely a good sign for little to no theft and having kids in the area (if you want some friends for your own kids, or you want to avoid kids entirely).

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    The Eight Steps To Success

    From Redditor /u/What_is_this_199

    1. Bring someone with you. See how easily you can hear things in various different rooms and even outside and inside. Also, the other may see things you don't.
    2. Explore the surrounding area. Never underestimate the greatness of living in an area you really like.
    3. Go there at night. Drive around and just scout things. Day vs. night atmosphere can be very different.
    4. Noise levels. Try to find out if many kids are around. More kids MAY mean more noise. This can easily be a huge annoyance if the area is super noisy.
    5. Read the lease! One thing I was told to make sure is in there is a statement that says... the landlord cannot end your lease without a proper heads-up. You may think it is dumb, but I have had a landlord need their rental back before our lease was up and there was nothing we could do about it.
    6. Check for signs of infestations inside and outside. Don't forget outside!
    7. Don't jump the gun. See multiple places. The first one you see may be awesome, but at least view others. It is risky because you may lose it, but you will never know if better places were out there. I stress this especially because it is your first place.
    8. Know your budget! Cannot stress this enough. Leave yourself room to save money after all bills are paid. Please do not take this point lightly.
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