The Best Characters On 'Severance'

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If you love the 2022 Apple TV+ Sci-fi drama Severance, then cast your votes in for the best Severance characters. The wickedly talented Severance cast features popular actors, like Adam Scott, Christopher Walken, John Turturro, and Patricia Arquette as well as newcomers, like Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, and Tramell Tillman. Which cast members do you think are doing a great job portraying the innies, outies, and management at Lumon?  

Vote up your favorite characters on Apple TV+'s Severance, and vote down the ones who need to visit the break room.

  • Helly Riggs (Innie)
    Photo: Severance/Apple TV+
    24 votes

    Helly Riggs (Innie)

    Well, Boss. I guess this is the part where I should tell you to go to hell. Except you're already here.

    Employer: Lumon

    Department: Macrodata Refinement

    Played by: Britt Lower

  • Marc S. (Innie)
    Photo: Severance/Apple TV+
    11 votes

    Marc S. (Innie)

    I mean, why won't they tell us what we're doing here? What are they so afraid of? If the Eagan philosophy is illumination above all – Then why doesn't that include us? Why are we down here still working in the dark?

    Employer: Lumon

    Department: Macrodata Refinement

    Played By: Adam Scott

  • Dylan George
    Photo: Severance/Apple TV+
    17 votes

    Dylan George

    I like to imagine my Outie’s love made with a MILF or two, which is obviously badass, but I do pity the husbands.

    Employer: Lumon

    Department: Macrodata Refinement

    Played by: Zach Cherry

  • Marc Scout (Outie)
    Photo: Severance/Apple TV+
    14 votes

    Marc Scout (Outie)

    I also heard that if you’re severed you go to two separate hells. Is that true?

     Played by: Adam Scott

  • Irving Bailiff (Innie)
    Photo: Severance/Apple TV+
    19 votes

    Irving Bailiff (Innie)

    Hi, kids. What's for dinner?

    Employer: Lumon

    Department: Macrodata Refinement

    Played by: John Turturro

  • Devon Hale
    Photo: Severance/Apple TV+
    8 votes

    Devon Hale

    I'm proud of you for taking that job. I really am. And I think she would've been too. I know she would've been. I just feel like forgetting about her for eight hours a day isn't the same thing as healing.

    Occupation: Stay at home mom

    Played by: Jen Tullock