13 Aquaman Jokes, Because He Sucks

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Aquaman jokes come in every way, shape, and form. They run the gamut from funny comics about Aquaman to the best Aquaman webcomics ever, but either way, people thinking Aquaman sucks has become kind of a meme.

So here are Aquaman's greatest internet moments in sucking, be it from actual Aquaman comics themselves, people making jokes or Photoshops about Aquaman being dumb, or screencaps from cartoons where Aquaman is just the worst. 

Photo: Aquaman / CBS

  • 1. Aquaman Vs. The Invisible Jet

    Aquaman Vs. The Invisible Jet
    Photo: Pinterest
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  • 2. Aquaman Uses His Powers

    1,807 votes
  • 3. Aquaman's Comeback

    Aquaman's Comeback
    Photo: u/AtomicTacoCanada / Reddit
    1,570 votes
  • 4. Aquaman For Recycling

    Aquaman For Recycling
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,688 votes
  • 5. Aquaman Helping The Cops

    Aquaman Helping The Cops
    Photo: DC Comics
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  • 6. Aquaman's Preferred Method Of Flight

    Aquaman's Preferred Method Of Flight
    Photo: Pinterest
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