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Everything We Know About The Seven Kingdoms From DC's 'Aquaman'

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The DCEU Aquaman movie promises to be an epic tale of the hero's quest to unite the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis, but what exactly does that mean? When frequent DCEU director Zack Snyder released a tweet in 2015 showing Jason Momoa as Aquaman for the first time along with the words "Unite the Seven," fans speculated the "Seven" referred to Aquaman's team of DC allies in the upcoming Justice League film. But they later learned it referred to the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis featured in a standalone Aquaman film directed by Jason Wan.  

Even if you've read every Aquaman book since the character first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941, odds are you don't know all of the Seven Kingdoms. Only three have been detailed in the comics; others were created solely for the movie. This list dives deep into the mythos and lore of Aquaman and his associated characters, including Mera, to uncover as much as possible about these Seven Kingdoms without spoiling the movie. 

  • The Fisherman Kingdom Is Run By Mermen

    The Fishermen Kingdom was created for the film and has no basis in the comics, though it may be adapted from Tritonis, a society of Atlantean mermen dating back to Superman #129 in 1959. The structure of the society isn't well-known but appears to resemble that of ancient Greece.

    Based on previews for the film, members of the Fishermen Kingdom seem to have evolved into fishlike people with a strong command over other ocean life. If they are related to the Tritonians of ancient Atlantis lore, these humanoids are likely isolated from the rest of the Atlanteans and could be hostile to outsiders.

    The Fisherman King is played by Djimon Hounsou, who rules over a kingdom described by producer Peter Safran as "primarily artistic and cerebral, with poets and philosophers."

  • The Brine Is Home To Crustacean Humanoids

    The Brine is another of the Seven Kingdoms created for the film and does not appear in the comics. Much like the Trench, the people of the Brine evolved into a completely new species of humanoid over eons. They appear animalistic, though not as hostile as the Trench, and are more crustacean in appearance than the citizens of other kingdoms. 

    The Brine are featured only briefly in the film's trailers, but thanks to the release of toys made for the film, we do have an idea of what the Brine King will look like. The Brine King featured in the Aquaman Figure 3-Pack is a crablike humanoid with an enlarged left claw. He also appears to have a shell across his back, although it's possibly just an added layer of protection he dons.

  • The Kingdom Of The Deserters Might Hold Clues To The Location Of The Trident

    When Atlantis sank during the Great Deluge and the kingdom fractured into seven separate groups, one moved to what is now the Sahara Desert, creating the Kingdom of the Deserters. When the group first arrived, the land was fertile, but as desertification set in, the people living there eventually perished.

    The trailer drops a few hints as to what this location might be hiding. Mera and Aquaman appear to travel through the desert in search of the ruins of the people who once lived there. Clues to the location of the trident Aquaman needs to unite the Seven Kingdoms might be hidden somewhere beneath the sand.

  • The Hidden Sea Might Be A Refuge For Extinct Creatures

    The Hidden Sea appears to be less of a true kingdom and more of a secret location Aquaman must travel to in the film. Without dropping too many spoilers, this is where Aquaman must go to find the trident he needs to unite the Seven Kingdoms.

    The film's primary quest likely ends in this location, which is only accessible through the Trench. The Hidden Sea appears to be a tropical refuge for the planet's extinct creatures located within the Earth's core.