Venus In Aquarius Celebrities

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Only celebrities whose Venus is in Aquarius.

There are many big name Aquarius Venus celebrities. Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet, and Sharon Stone are just a few of the Venus in Aquarius celebrities. Knowing all the aspects of your chart, like Venus in Aquarius, can help you understand compatibility, when it comes to the relationships in your life. What does it mean if your Venus is in Aquarius? Venus is the planet of beauty and attraction, but a typical Aquarius in Venus woman or man tends to love their freedom, which sometimes make them seem cool and detached. 

As far as Venus in Aquarius beauty and Aquarius in Venus style, these people can typically be described as "eccentric," and they have an adrogeny to them. These Venus in Aquarius women can throw on a suit, and look just as stunning as any cocktail dress. Tom Hiddleston is a Venus in Aquarius male, and another man Venus in Aquarius is Ashton Kutcher. Ellen DeGeneres is an Aquarius in Venus woman - and we all know she loves a good suit! Bruce Willis is a celebrity man with his sun in Pisces Venus in Aquarius.

Learn more about the Venus in Aquarius men and women below, including their sun, moon, and rising signs. 

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