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15 Continuity Details From 'Archer' That Show It's Time For A Rewatch

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Archer has consistently been hailed as one of the smartest works of adult animation since it first debuted in 2009 on FX. Borrowing from the likes of James Bond, Burt Reynolds films, and even the likes of pulp novels and Miami Vice through its many iterations, one of Archer's defining traits is a continuous narrative that builds upon itself with massive threads of continuity. Archer is one of those shows that greatly benefits from repeat viewings due to just how much detail and humor is packed into each 22-minute episode; it's impossible to catch all of the small continuity details in one go.

This is a collection of continuity details from Archer. Vote up the details you missed the first time you watched the series!

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    The Paper Is Pretty Up To Date

    Redditor u/HeavyWeapon1 spotted this continuity detail in Season 4, Episode 3. The front page of the paper directly references the events that took place on the Horizon space station during the previous season's finale "Space Race."

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    He Speaks From Experience

    Redditor u/shefunnyorsomething noticed this Jai Alai callback two seasons after it was first mentioned when Archer suffered a head injury due to the sport.

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    "It Means White Shadow!"

    In the Season 6 premiere "The Holdout," Pam uses a retina scanner, she is identified as "Shiro Kabocha," a name she used as a Yakuza drift racer in Season 3, Episode 7, "Drift Problem."

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    Cheryl's Adventurous Tastes Live On In 'Archer 1999'

    In Archer: 1999, Cheryl's analog can be seen reading a pulp magazine depicting a robot attempting to choke a young woman. In Season 1, Episode 10 "Dial M for Mother," Krieger and Cheryl utilize a "Chokebot" to spice up their relationship due to Krieger's "weak woman-y hands."

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