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26 Hilarious Tattoos Inspired by Archer

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We all know that Sterling Archer is the coolest secret agent around. So it makes sense that die-hard fans of the show Archer would get his handsome visage permanently tattooed on their skin. These tattoos inspired by Archer will have you thinking about getting a little Archer on you too (Phrasing!).

But don't think for a second that Sterling is the only one getting all the Archer tattoo love over here. The supporting characters of ISIS are also the subjects of some pretty amazing work. There is Lana looking strong and sensual, Carol/Cheryl getting choked and Pam.... well, what can we say about Pam? The confident, sexy head of HR has some serious admirers out there.

 So cobble together a cocktail and put on your best bespoke suit to vote up the best Archer tattoos on the Internet!
  • 5. It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Someone Did It

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  • 6. How I Think We All Feel Inside

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  • 7. I Seriously Think You're Scary

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  • 8. Someone Call Kenny Loggins

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