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10 Historically Accurate Details About The Architecture In 'The Legend Of Korra'

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There are many architectural marvels scattered across The Legend of Korra, and some of them are based on real buildings from the modern world. Vote up the fictional structures that have the most fascinating real-world inspirations!

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    Harmony Tower Is Based On The Eiffel Tower

    As is the case with many buildings throughout Republic City, Harmony Tower has a pretty clear antecedent in the real world. The building is quite obviously based on the Eiffel Tower, although it's curved outward while the actual Eiffel Tower curves inward. The tower is named after the Harmony Restoration Movement, which was responsible for starting the United Republic and was instrumental in creating Republic City. 

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    Central City Station Is Inspired By Penn Station

    Central City Station is no longer as bustling as it once was, but Republic City's central train station is still an architectural marvel. With its windowed ceilings and wide-open corridors, the building was designed to resemble the original Penn Station, which was a landmark in New York until it was renovated in the 1960's. Thankfully, Central City Station doesn't look anything like the more modern Penn Station, which is much less impressive to behold. 

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    The Republic City Four Elements Resembles The Plaza Hotel

    The Republic City Four Elements is one of the swankiest hotels in Republic City, and while its name is paying obvious homage to the Four Seasons, the building itself actually looks like another landmark of New York City. The square, stately building resembles the real-world Plaza Hotel, which makes sense. After all, it's one of the most famous hotels in the world, and therefore a great template for designing a lush hotel worth drooling over. 

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    Republic City Is A Modern City With Eastern Touches

    By the time TLOK starts, the world has been transformed from the one viewers were familiar with from Aang's time. The biggest change comes in the form of Republic City, a sprawling metropolis that is far more advanced than any city from A:TLA. Republic City is a melting pot, which means that its architecture is drawn from a wide variety of sources. On the whole, the city is meant to represent a more mordern mix of elements, even if many of the buildings still have Eastern influences that would be common in cities like Beijing or Tokyo. 

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