WATCH Guys Hilariously Debate Whether A Fish In Water Is Wet, And Now You Will Too  

Mick Jacobs

What is the meaning of life? What came first, chicken or egg? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? These questions continue to spark fierce debate, much like the conundrum faced by these two young men in the video below.

What likely started out as a friendly conversation soon delved into a heated discussion on a concept that will probably haunt both young men until they die. The question posed was this: is a fish in water considered 'wet?'

Well, is it? If you consider the nature of a fish, being surrounded by water all the time does sound like being wet. However, as one intuitive debater points out, one is only considered 'wet' if you are standing outside of a body of water surrounded by air.

Do you think that gentleman makes a convincing case for a fish not being wet, or do you think he is overthinking a simple solution? Watch the video below to find out, and to have yourself questioning everything.