Graveyard Shift Are You A Teenage Werewolf? Here's How To Find Out  

Jacob Shelton
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Teens have enough problems as it is, what with parents being the WORST and high school being totally lame, but add the extra social faux pas that come with being a teen wolf and your whole life is basically ruined. But how can you tell that you’re transforming into a werewolf? Unless you have the best parents in the world, they totally won’t understand the changes that your body is going through, and finding other real werewolves to rap with about your problems is nearly impossible. Within this rundown, you’ll discover all the signs that prove your moonlight midnight snacks of raw meat are more than just strange teenage cravings.

Are you a teenage werewolf? That depends on how many of the aspects of lycanthropy you possess. It’s one thing to be a super hairy guy who likes to howl (who doesn’t?), but if those facets cross over with some of the more mystical conditions of werewolfdom, then you may need to update your wardrobe to something you won’t destroying during a full moon. And even if you discover that you’re not a teen wolf you can still use these signs as a way to find the werewolves in your city/town/village and make a new friend (or to plan for when werewolves terrorize towns near you). After all, every Teen Wolf needs a Stiles.

Your Behavior Is Affected By Lunar Cycles
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One of the biggest signifiers you might be a werewolf is that you turn into a major jerk around the time of the full moon. Out of everything known about lycanthtrophy, an engorged moon is the one piece of lore that everyone seems to agree on - but why? It turns out lunar light is considered "unholy" by many paranormal scholars, and that could be why many a person who has been yoked with the curse of the werewolf transforms as the light of the moon grows full. 

Ulcers And Abrasions Are Covering Your Legs From Walking On All Fours
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While this fact doesn't explicitly mean you're transforming into a werewolf on the night of ever full moon, it does mean you're walking around on all fours without proper protection. Why are you doing that? It could be you have a fondness for waxing floors, or you might have been cursed to walk the earth as a lyncanthrope. If you feel that full moon fever coming on, try strapping a set of knee pads to your legs in order to save your precious skin. 

Have You Recently Offended A Witch?
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Out of everything on this list of signs you might be a teenage werewolf, having recently offended a witch, warlock, wizard, or gypsy is definitely a big sign you're going to transform. If you started beef with someone who may have mystical abilities, you should immediately apologize to them. Even if they don't lift your curse, you'll at least know you're the kind of person who can own up to their mistakes. Best case scenario: you get the curse lifted and make a new magical friend. 

Is Your Throat Is Sore From Howling All Night?
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If you turn into a wolf/werewolf/wolfman/wolfperson two nights out the month, you're doing A LOT of howling. Sure, it's only two nights, but that's like 20 hours of baying at the moon. That can't be good for your throat. If you wake up nude in a field with a sore throat, you're more than likely a werewolf and should start looking into buying lozenges in bulk. Or try to lift the werewolf curse, whichever works for you.