The 24 Worst Arena Football League Team Names

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Arena Football is something we've all probably heard of. It's the Arena Football League and there are teams all over the country. There's even the Arena Bowl, which is like their Super Bowl. The only difference between the NFL and AFL is that we've all not only heard of the NFL, we've seen an NFL game. We've probably been to one in person. We probably even have a favorite team, and even if we don't, we're at least aware of some or most of the teams.

That's why this list exists. The teams in the AFL deserve to be written about. They deserve to be talked about. They deserve to be examined in a scholarly manner and made fun of.

The following is simply a list of some of the current and defunct Arena Football teams and my thoughts about those teams as far as their names are concerned.  Vote for the most embarassing name in the AFL.

It's American football and it isn't the NFL. Everyone WANTS to make fun of it. It's their fault for making it so easy.

  • Los Angeles Kiss
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    94 VOTES

    Los Angeles Kiss

    Turns out the band KISS owns this team. Go figure.
    94 votes
  • New Orleans Night
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    75 VOTES

    New Orleans Night

    Night. You know, like, dark and brooding. Like... night. Like an 11-year-old emo girl.
    75 votes
  • Texas Terror
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    66 VOTES

    Texas Terror

    Leatherface or Barbara Bush?

    Ohhhhhh... Frankenstein's monster. Obviously.

    66 votes
  • 4
    64 VOTES

    Detroit Drive

    Ohhhhhhhh...cuz you make cars.

    Well, you used to.
    64 votes
  • 5
    69 VOTES

    New York CityHawks

    Shedding light on the often overlooked hawk problem running rampant in the Big Apple.
    69 votes
  • Nashville Kats
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    71 VOTES

    Nashville Kats

    That 'K' makes me want to pull my eyes out of head and smash them with a hammer.
    71 votes