Here's Why Gun Control Doesn't Make Sense Right Now 

Richard Rowe
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Arguments against gun control are quite varied. In the United States, the issue of regulating weapons is hardly as black or white as the extremes of the political spectrum would have us believe. Like all major social issues, there are a number of variables in the gun control debate. Some people take a stand on ethical or ideological grounds; others (generally in the firearms industry) stand on grounds of profit. Most elected officials are in it to pander for the political points, and the majority of their supporters seem quite happy to decide now and get informed later.

Both sides have their extremists and more moderate supporters. Why are people against gun control? Every argument has two sides, and this list of pro gun facts is one of them.

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Gun Bans Haven't Stopped Other Kinds Of Assaults From Occurring Elsewhere

No nation is free of murder and assault. Granted, guns do make the job easier, but in places like the UK, knives and blunt objects are still regularly used for acts of assault. It is true that victims of assault are more likely to survive, but the raw rate of assaults in gun-banning nations isn't much lower than it is in America.

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Guns Are The Great Equalizer

Say what you will about firearms, but a bullet fired by a diminutive woman, a disabled person, or a senior citizen is the same as one fired by a soldier in his prime. When guns are involved, sheer physical strength or fighting prowess do not guarantee victory. 

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Murder Rates Have Been Falling, Even With More Guns In Circulation

Murder rates have been dropping steadily since they peaked in 1994. In fact, over the last 20 years, the murder rate has dropped by half – while the number of guns in circulation has increased.

Statisticians believe the drop in murders is attributable to a number of factors.

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Americans Are Guaranteed Protection From Tyranny

One often-cited role of the Second Amendment is to function as a check by the American people on a government that might take away their rights. The basic thought behind this stems from Americans being forced to fight against the kind of tyrannical taxation that led to the American Revolution in the first place.

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