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Arguments For And Against Removing Confederate Statues

The debate over removing Confederate statues continues to rage. People on both sides vigorously defend their position, pointing out disturbing facts about the Founding Fathers and  the founding of America as reasons why the Confederate monuments aren’t so different from Revolutionary monuments. On the other side, opponents of the statues argue that they celebrate white supremacy.

Why are Confederate statues being removed? Arguments for why Confederate statues should be removed include the Confederacy's shameful history of treason and white supremacy, as well as the original purpose of these statues, which was to intimidate Black Americans while celebrating white power. In fact, even Robert E. Lee opposed Confederate statues

Arguments for why Confederate statues should not be removed include pointing out the dark sides of other celebrated American heroes, like Washington and Jefferson, as well as the politicization of the statues when there are more important problems. Keep reading for all the pros and cons of removing Confederate statues.