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Ariana Grande's Hairstyles, Ranked

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Ponytails have a bouncy, lustrous celebrity history on the heads of Barbara Eden (in I Dream of Jeannie), Olivia Newton John (in Grease), Pebbles (in The Flintstones), and even a few men, like the late Karl Lagerfeld. But perhaps no ponyail has captured the public's attention like pop singer Ariana Grande's signature swinging mane, which at this point has taken on a locks life of its own.

Grande, considered by some one of the best female singers ever, is just as well-known for her ever-morphing hairstyles, most featuring some variation on the ponytail. It's been all shades of blond and brunette (and red, for a TV role), braided, sleek, wavy, adorned with pearls, topped with tulle. Her natural look might surprise you, however: dark corkscrew curls.

And Grande owns the pony. When someone on Instagram wrote "I'm sick of that ponytail," Grande replied with two words: "I'm not."

Behold the Grande ponytail, and a few other looks she's sported over the years. While you're wishing you had a personal hairstylist or the financial means to purchase all those extensions, or could just figure out how to get such high and mighty hair, make sure to vote up Grande's best styles.

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    2018: High, Dark, And Sleek Ponytail - As Billboard Woman Of The Year

    Photo: @arianagrande / Instagram
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      2017: Wavy, Loose, And A Scrunchie

      Photo: @arianagrande / Instagram
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        2018: Super Sleek (Sweet) Low, Blond Ponytail - For Her 'Sweetener' Album Cover Shoot

        Photo: @arianagrande / Instagram
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          2018: Low, Silvery Pony (With Rainbow Eyes) - For 'No Tears Left To Cry' 

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