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TMI Facts About Ariana Grande's Sex Life

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It turns out that Ariana Grande, the singer with a penchant for pleather bunny costumes who had the greatest death scene in Scream Queens, has more substance than you would think. According to the singer, whittling her life down to “who is Ariana Grande dating??” takes away from all of the cool stuff that she does. But to be fair, looking at a flow chart of Ariana Grande dating history is actually kind of interesting. It shows a progression of a young woman dating a variety of rappers that become more well respected throughout her career (in this case, respected means that Mac Miller was on a pretty good ScHoolboy Q song). But what else does Grande get up to other than dating rappers? Who else does she like to kiss? What does she think of her body? And how did her tongue almost tear America in two?

The Ariana Grande sex life biz is a tough one. She’s been in the public eye since she was 14, so it makes sense that the star and her family would want to keep her personal details close to their chests. But as she’s gotten older and more vocal about her opinions of feminism, it’s become easier to get an idea of who she really is. To find out all about Ariana Grande boyfriend drama and the weird things that her fans say to her about her body, put on your pleather bunny mask and keep reading.

  • Ariana Grande Is A Grande Ally

    Video: YouTube

    And that's the last Grande/grande pun. In Grande's video for "Everyday" viewers are treated to a lot of making out. Like, a lot. It's very intense. Anyway, it's not just cisgender male-on-female making out. Throughout the video Grande hangs out in a variety of situations while all manner of humans find themselves in PG-13 kissing fits and it's great!

    Grande hasn't said anything about the content of the video, but it's still pretty cool that she's down with people getting down no matter who they are or what they're into. 

  • Grande Smooches Her Friends

    Photo: Jimmie Armentrout III / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

    my favorite video of all time @lizgillz. (p.s. this was totally posted by accident ��������)

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    We've all kissed our friends hard on the mouth while filming it and then accidentally posted it on Instagram, right? Elizabeth Gillies, from television's Victorious, has been friends with Grande forevs and she said it wasn't weird that the two gals had a nice makeout to say hello. 

  • She Dated Mac Miller For 6 Years 

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    After meeting on a shoot for her video "The Way," where the two made out real hard for a couple of people who had never worked together before, Grande and Mac Miller started going out and getting handsy. According to TMZ, most of their first public date was spent sucking face and sort of kind of eating.

  • She And Madonna Got Into A Twerk-Off

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    2 Clowns backstage! ��������@arianagrande. @nunoxico @raisingmalawi

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    If you're going to twerk in front of a bunch of millionaires you might as well do it at Art Basel with Madonna for a good cause. While attending Madge's Raising Malawi benefit concert in Miami Beach, Grande was brought up on stage for a bizarre twerk-off with Madonna and it was mostly well received.

    People on the internet were mean to Madonna (as they usually are) but Grande was very #onbrand in a post later that evening: "Beyond excited to support @raisingmalawi and shimmy with my queen @madonna tonight (in her very own Rebel Heart tour outfit)!"