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10 Photos of Ariana Grande Without Makeup

Updated June 14, 2019 653.5k views10 items

Ariana Grande is a talented pop singer and actress known for hit songs such as “The Way” and “Problem.” She regularly looks stunning at awards shows, in concert, and on the red carpet, but sometimes Grande likes to be more casual. Here are several pictures of the Ariana Grande without makeup.

Where does Ariana Grande go not wearing any makeup? The famous singer regularly walks around town looking cool and casual, not wearing any makeup at all. She's a natural beauty, so for Ariana Grande no makeup can still look hot. The Victorious actress was also photographed wearing a wig cap when she was not wearing any makeup.

An American Music Award-winning singer, Grande is regularly followed by paparazzi, fans, and amateur photographers, so it's no surprise that she has been photographed not wearing makeup on several occasions. Grande has appeared sans makeup as she takes selfies, runs errands, and takes walks around town. She has a beautiful face and she appears confident in her appearance with or without any makeup on.

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