This Modern Family Star Can't Get People To Stop Talking About Her Body

Hollywood starlet Ariel Winter spent her pre-teen and teenage years growing up in front of all of America on the smash ABC sitcom, Modern Family. While Winter played one of the best characters on Modern Family, people didn't talk about her skill in acting - instead, they couldn't stop talking about her body. Winter first appeared on TV sets hawking Cool Whip in a 2002 commercial, followed by roles in the Robert Downey Jr. comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and spot work on shows like Bones, Monk, and ER.

Winter's formative years were spent playing nerdy middle child Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. And during that teenage time - an already challenging and awkward period in every person's life - Ariel Winter and the media started down the path of a tumultuous relationship as she became the target of lewd commentary regarding her evolving figure at a very young age.

It's no secret that most prominent young women in Hollywood deal with all kinds of unwanted attention, but, starting at just 15 years old, the media won't stop talking about Ariel Winter's body. Whether she's leaving the gym, going shopping, or celebrating her graduation from high school people can't leave Ariel Winter alone. Even during the 2017 Emmy Awards, her estranged mother found a reason to criticize Winter's fashion choices. It's not all bad news, though. Ariel Winter isn't letting the haters win, and she keeps filling her Instagram feed with pics of her Hollywood adventures while looking stunning and still having fun.