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The 13 Most Epic Arm Wrestling Scenes In Anime History

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The best arm wrestling matches in anime are hot-blooded, high-stakes competitions that result in broken bones and dislocated shoulders. One example from Fist of the North Star almost concludes with a buzzsaw chopping off someone's hand.

These match-ups don't necessarily have to feature extreme feats of aggression. Some of the more mild competitions are friendly fights between club members or classmates, entrancing audiences and encouraging them to root for an eventual champion.

Whatever the context, these epic arm wrestling scenes make the shows they're in more entertaining and more exciting. 

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    Melodias Arm Wrestles Ban As The Room Collapses In 'The Seven Deadly Sins'

    Nothing can stop Melodias and Ban from arm wrestling each other, including an entire building collapsing around them. Even as they plummet to what could easily be their dooms, they're not the least bit phased.

    Who cares if you perish when there's an arm wrestling score to settle?

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    Kirishima And Tetsutetsu Have The Manliest Arm Wrestling Match Ever In 'My Hero Academia'

    This epic arm wrestling match is between two equally powerful young men with similar abilities. This test of strength happens during the UA Sports Festival, and Kirishima ends up winning.  Tetsutetsu hadn't been eating enough iron-rich foods, which contributed to his lack of strength. 

    Following the fight, Kirishima congratulates his opponent with a hilariously blank expression on his face. 

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    Ed Wrecks A Challenger's Automail In 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

    When Ed is challenged to an arm wrestling match, he doesn't immediately go for it. But the instant the challenger insults his height, he's ready to defeat them. Al and Winry try to stop him at first, but then the challenger insults the quality of the automail Winry worked so hard to make, and suddenly she wants Ed to finish him. 

    Ed delivers such a forceful slam it actually snaps the heckler's automail into two pieces, thus proving his and Winry's superiority. The scene also reveals how easily the two are baited when their pride is on the line.

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    A Completely Owns Tsunade In 'Naruto'

    A and Tsunade are both formidable ninja who could easily defeat most opponents. A's physical prowess is obvious just by looking at him, and while Tsunade might not be as ripped, Naruto fans are aware of her incredible strength. This scene is epic because it's legitimately hard to tell who will win until A emerges victorious.

    The force of their strength even causes nearby rocks to fly around. 

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