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14 Armored Characters That Would Give Iron Man A Run For His Money

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Tony Stark isn't the only billionaire inventor who created a suit of armor that grants superpowers (he may have created the most suits of armor though). In all honesty, armored superheroes are a dime a dozen, and Iron Man isn't even the most powerful out of them. Across the various fictional galaxies and multiverses, there are suits of armor that incorporate alien technology to create a finished product that can shake up entire galaxies. 

Tony Stark is a brilliant inventor for a human, but there are a lot of high-tech civilizations out there. Whether it's the Blue Beetle with his Scarab or Tech Jacket in the Invincible universe, alien tech just makes for superior armor. 

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    Photo: Metroid Prime / Nintendo

    Who Is She: An orphan named Samus who was raised to be a great warrior from a very young age. Samus now works as a bounty hunter. 

    What's The Armor: Samus's armor is simply referred to as her Power Suit. The suit was designed by the Chozo, who are a race of bird-like aliens that took Samus in when she was young. 

    Special Armor Powers: The Power Suit allows Samus to survive in outer space indefinitely. The suit is armed to the teeth with various weaponry and can be easily upgraded. The suit has a wide variety of various energy beams, missiles, and bombs. The suit can also turn into a small ball, which helps Samus maneuver around tight areas, as well as attack her foes. 

    How Would She Handle Iron Man: Samus's Power Suit could probably take Iron Man on its own, but even if it couldn't, a unique ability of her suit is that it can assimilate basically any technology and weaponry into itself. If Samus got anywhere near Iron Man's armory, she could come at Stark with all of his own abilities, as well as hers. 

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    Photo: Halo 3 / Microsoft Game Studios

    Who Is He: A space Marine named John-117. 

    What's The Armor: Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor, AKA the suit of armor given to all Spartans. One suit alone costs as much as a starship. 

    Special Armor Powers: This suit of armor is fully sealed, which allows Spartans to operate underwater and out in space. The armor is linked to Master Chief's mind, which allows for instantaneous movements as if it was his own body. The armor weighs about 1000 lbs. 

    How Would He Handle Iron Man: Master Chief's armor is strong enough to protect him against Iron Man blasts, which means Iron Man's entire offensive strategy is basically out the window in their confrontation. From there, Master Chief's military expertise would kick in, allowing him to throw everything he knows at Tony Stark, who has received very little military training. 

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    Tech Jacket

    Who Is He: A high schooler from Earth named Zack Thompson.

    What's The Armor: The Tech Jacket is created by a race of aliens called the Geldarians. While this race is highly advanced, they are very physically weak, so they have devised a form of high-tech armor that they are all equipped with and wear constantly. 

    Special Armor Powers: The Jacket gives Zack a number of incredible abilities. With the jacket, Zack is basically invulnerable; he can fly, he has super strength, and he can fire powerful energy blasts. The one downside of the armor is that it can't be removed, but considering it automatically cleans and decontaminates the wearer, there's really no reason to. 

    How Would He Handle Iron Man: Zack is able to go head-to-head with Superman-level threats like the Viltrumites, which means Zack is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit. To put it frankly, the Iron Man suit is the best suit of armor that a human could make, and Tech Jacket is the best suit of armor that any race in the galaxy could make. 

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    Who Is He: A warrior from the 5th century named Aric of Darcia. He was taken by an alien race and then returned to earth 1,600 years later. 

    What's The Armor: After being taken by Spider Aliens, Aric eventually made his escape by swiping one of the aliens' most powerful weapons, Shanhara. 

    Special Armor Powers: The Shanhara symbiotic armor grants Aric an immense amount of abilities. First, there are the normal abilities, like strength, flight, and durability on par with Superman. But the suit also comes with X-ray vision, universal translation, and a sort of precognition on par with Peter Parker’s spider-sense. Possibly most importantly, this armor allows Aric to absorb and redistribute energy blasts. 

    How Would He Handle Iron Man: Not only does the Shanhara make Aric faster and more powerful than Iron Man, it gives him a perfect defense against Iron Man’s main line of attack. Iron Man’s only real offensive weapon is his energy blasts, and Aric can easily absorb those blasts and unleash them back on Stark.

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