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The Most Amazing Things the Army Corps of Engineers Has Done

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The military is good for a lot more than blowing things up. What most people don't realize is that winning a war often requires building more structures than you destroy. That's where the Army Corps of Engineers comes in. After all, if you're an army on the move, you're going to want people on your side who can build bridges and roads. What may surprise you, however, is that the biggest Army Corps of Engineers projects didn't happen during wars... but during peacetime.

That's right, the coolest things the Army Corps of Engineers has done don't have much to do with combat. For a long time, they were the only formally trained group of engineers in the country, so they had a hand in almost everything the government built. Many monuments, infrastructure projects, office buildings, and iconic landmarks were overseen by the Army Corps of Engineers - and most people have no clue.

So... what are the most amazing they've done? From the Pentagon to the Panama Canal to the Manhattan Project, the Army Corps of Engineers has a storied past and is behind most of the biggest landmarks and projects in US history.

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