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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Most Sexist Quotes

Updated November 6, 2017 28k views10 items
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Arnold Schwarzenegger has been hounded by allegations of misogyny, sexual harassment and even sexual abuse throughout his long career, dating back to the 1970s and his rise to fame as a champion bodybuilder and star of the documentary, "Pumping Iron." (Certainly, the casual way in which Schwarzenegger discusses his sometimes-dismissive relationship with women could be seen as an early warning sign.)

Now that Schwarzenegger has admitted to fathering a child outside his marriage (with the family's maid, no less), it seems an appropriate time to go back into the archives, and dig up The Governator's back catalog of inadvisable, offensive and frequently chauvinist quotes about women. Here they are, in no particular order. Because ranking misogyny feels wrong, somehow. Stick around...
  • "Obviously, I've made statements that were ludicrous and crazy and outrageous and all those things, because that's the way I always was." - Schwarzenegger in 2003, while campaigning to replace Gray Davis as California's Governor

    Doesn't exactly sound like a person who regrets a checkered history of offensive, sexually inappropriate quotes, not to mention the allegations of sexual harassment and abuse brought to light in an LA Times expose that same year.

    And that's to say nothing about this gem, in which Arnold outright admits to savoring the "lamentations" of women.

    To be fair, that MIGHT be from a movie...
  • On Terminators and Toilet Bowls

    "I saw this toilet bowl. How many times do you get away with this, to take a woman, grab her upside down, and bury her face in a toilet bowl? I wanted to have something floating there ... The thing is, you can do it, because in the end, I didn't do it to a woman, she's a machine! We could get away with it without being crucified by who-knows-what group." - Arnold talking to "Entertainment Weekly" about shooting a scene in "Terminator 3" in which he pushes co-star Kristanna Loken into a toilet.

    One can only imagine Loken felt similarly thrilled with the experience.
  • On Women With "Nothing Else To Offer"

    "As much as when you see a blonde with great t**s and a great ass, you say to yourself, 'Hey, she must be stupid or must have nothing else to offer,' which maybe is the case many times. But then again there is the one that is as smart as her breasts look, great as her face looks, beautiful as her whole body looks gorgeous, you know, so people are shocked." - Schwarzenegger talking to Esquire magazine in July of 2003

    Yes, 2003. In the same article, Arnold discusses his possible run for governor. The article is entitled "The Amazing Arnold." Tell us about it.
  • On Out of Shape Chicks

    "I can look at a chick who's a little out of shape and if she turns me on, I won't hesitate to date her. If she's a good f**k she can weigh 150 pounds, I don't care." - Arnold Schwarzenegger in a 1977 interview with Oui magazine

    Oui Magazine was owned by Playboy Enterprises back in 1977 when this Schwarzenegger interview was first published. (The magazine is still published today!) The Smoking Gun and other sites published juicy quotes, like the above, from the interview while Arnold was on the California campaign trail, but it didn't seem to do much to his momentum.