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Which 'Arrested Development' Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

Updated May 11, 2020 6.6k views12 items

While the jury is still out on science, people can generally agree the Bluths make up one of the best (albeit, dysfunctional) families on TV. Arrested Development's running jokes make it one of the most intricately woven and entertaining shows, and the best Arrested Development characters are easily some of the most quotable personas on TV. 

Since Netflix renewed the show in 2013, fans have been coming up with wild Arrested Development theories, speculating what crazy antics their favorite characters will get into next. There's a reason we all have favorites, too - despite their apparent madness, something in each of these characters resonates with audiences, whether it be Tobias's never-nude status or Lucille's ability to destroy her children with one simple remark. If you count yourself as one of the show's super-fans, you can now see which Arrested Development character you are based on your zodiac sign. 

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  • Leos are the leaders of the zodiac. They instinctively take on a commanding role and expect everyone to fall in line. Likewise, George Sr. is the quintessential father. He offers advice when no one needs it, and he expects his children to do as he says but not as he does. 

    However, he's not all bad. As a Leo, he understands that he has to take care of his family whether they know they need help or not. That's why he makes sure there's always money in the banana stand.

  • When it comes to formulating a plan, Virgos are the sign that knows just how to get things done. They're incredibly shrewd and analytical, which means they're hypercritical of others when they fail. Lucille has no qualms telling her children how they've failed her - repeatedly.

    Similarly, Lucille is the member of the family who's always scheming, whether everyone realizes it or not. While George Sr. is being the brash head of the household, she's making sure their family doesn't fall apart. Her shrewd nature sometimes comes at a cost to her family, who live in fear of her razor sharp critiques that can cut someone in half before she even finishes her martini. 

  • Libras inflict a good amount of pain upon themselves with their constant need to find a fair and just outcome for everyone they care about. This Air sign can get lost in a haze of problem-solving, and this often leads to paralyzing indecision. From moment one of Arrested Development, Michael Bluth takes on the mantle of family protector. Despite the insanity of his family, he tries to look at everything from a diplomatic perspective, just like the good Libra he is. 

    After his father is arrested, Michael decides he's going to take on the responsibility of keeping his family together. Over the course of the series, this decision drives him absolutely bananas, and no trip to Lego Land can take his mind off the task at hand. 

  • As the most mysterious sign in the zodiac, it's in a Scorpio's nature to keep people guessing. It's impossible to tell whether a Scorpio is planning something or just trying to keep people from getting into their personal business; whatever their secret is, they're not going to tell.

    Likewise, Lucille Austero seems like a ditzy socialite who's attracted to much younger men, but as the series progresses, it turns out she's had her hand in the Bluth business for quite some time. Sneaky Scorpio.