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25 Awesome Arrested Development Tattoos

Not sure you can afford a portrait of Kitty's lop-sided assets or J. Walter Weatherman's terrifying arm? Just remember, there’s always money in the banana stand. The Arrested Development tattoo designs on this list cover everything from tiny references that only super fans would understand, to giant story arcs that you’d be a fool to not laugh at.

Arrested Development was never the most popular show while it was on television. A critical darling, it was always too smart for the general public, but beloved by devoted viewers who appreciated recurring gags, in-jokes, and references to obscure pop culture ephemera. After the show died a slow death in 2006, many viewers mourned in the only way they knew how: by becoming permanently etched with an Arrested Development tattoo.

The series was relaunched on Netflix seven years later to wide acclaim, and we can only assume that more Arrested Development tattoos were inked after it rose from the ashes like a Phoenix (or a free chicken). If you’re trying to figure out how to show your love for the Bluths, then hopefully these 25 awesome Arrested Development tattoos will give you a few ideas. Just don’t make a huge mistake.

The tattoo photos on this list are all safe for work, so feel free to bring everyone from the office over to check them out (except maybe Ira Gilligan). But be warned, you won’t be able to stop doing the chicken dance for the rest of the day.

Do us a favor and share this list with your friends after you vote on your favorite. If you love the show, it might be tough to choose the best. There are literally dozens of them!

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