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Every Easter Egg And Reference In Arrow's 150th Episode

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In the era of Peak TV, it can be hard for shows to find footing and last for a long period of time. In its seventh season, The CW's Arrow has not only managed to carve out its groove and find a loyal fanbase, but also provide a springboard for four spin-off series and the beginning of a connected TV universe called the Arrowverse. The show recently celebrated its 150th episode, and with that comes a justified bit of fanfare and honoring the past.

The milestone episode did things a bit different and shot much of the episode in a documentary style with a crew following around Oliver and his friends. There were plenty of Easter eggs and call backs hidden within.

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    Sara Lance

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    The documentary also includes an interview with Sara Lance (Caity Lotz). Sara is the daughter of the late Quentin Lance, and was with Oliver when he was shipwrecked on Lian Yu. She had a brief stint in Star City as the Black Canary before passing the mantle on to her sister and becoming the White Canary. She's now the captain of the Waverider and the time traveling team the Legends in the Arrowverse spin-off series Legends of Tomorrow.

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    The Huntress's Mask

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    Episode 150's big bad is a villain called Chimera who is obsessed with other vigilantes. He collects souvenirs from the various heroes popping up around the world. When Oliver and John show up at his lair for the first time, Ollie recognizes one of the masks as Helena Bertinelli's – AKA the Huntress.

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    Sin was a character featured heavily in the first few seasons of Arrow. She lived in Star City's seedier neighborhood called The Glades and was a long-time friend of Roy Harper. The documentary snagged an interview with her and finally revealed her real name: Cindy Simone.

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    Kelsey Grammer

    Photo: Tenebrae / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    If you're going to put out a documentary, then you need someone with great pipes to do the narration. Arrow managed to get Kelsey Grammer to provide his voice for the episode's showing of Emerald Archer: The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantism.

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