39 Art History Snapchats You Need in Your Life Right Now

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Have you ever found yourself at the museum with your art-loving friends and felt like you were the only one who just didn’t get it? Have you always had a hard time figuring out the allure of all those old oil paintings that your art history teacher loves? Maybe you just weren't looking at those boring old art pieces the right way. Let this collection of art history Snapchats convince you that art can be fun... and totally relatable.

Below you’ll find “modern art” redefined in a way that has nothing to do with cold museums or vague paint splashes on a blank canvas. Join us as we celebrate these revamped classics, which are guaranteed to give you a grin. Here you’ll find all the mindless irreverence of Snapchat, combined with historic paintings that you never knew had such personality!

It's time to get your history on with these clever art Snapchats!

  • 1. All The Other Marble Heads Are Doing It!

    All The Other Marble Heads Are Doing It!
    Photo: Snapchat
    527 votes
  • 2. Not A One

    Not A One
    Photo: Snapchat
    526 votes
  • 3. Burn

    Photo: Snapchat
    514 votes
  • 4. Old School Swag

    Old School Swag
    Photo: Snapchat
    415 votes
  • 5. Emo Before Emo Was In

    Emo Before Emo Was In
    Photo: Snapchat
    457 votes
  • 6. Don't Even Think About It

    Don't Even Think About It
    Photo: Snapchat
    414 votes