makeup This Artist Creates Beautiful Paintings With Colorful Lipstick Kisses  

Mick Jacobs

Artist Alexis Fraser gives new meaning to the phrase "mouthing off." Using her lips and different shades of lipstick, Fraser creates colorful and sophisticated pieces of artwork, and she shows you how in the video below.

Probably a living legend in Ulta's rewards program, Fraser utilizes all sorts of shades to construct her work. You likely never realized it, but water looks surprisingly beautiful when constructed solely through kiss marks.

In Fraser's eyes, using her mouth as a tool in her artwork imbues her kissprints with an extra pinch of emotion. "By doing this, I offer art that is totally original while creating art that is literally made with love," says Fraser.

Watch Fraser construct a single colorful piece in the video below. Truly, a moment like this is the perfect time for a chef's kiss. *Mwah!