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Artisan Entertainment Movies List

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List of Artisan Entertainment movies, listed alphabetically with film trailers when available. Artisan Entertainment has produced some popular movies, so film buffs can use this list to find a few that they haven't already seen. This best Artisan Entertainment movies list displays shorts as well as feature films made by Artisan Entertainment, including theatrical releases, limited releases, and made-for-TV Artisan Entertainment movies.

List movies range from Reservoir Dogs to The Punisher.

If you want to answer the questions, "What movies did Artisan Entertainment produce?" and "What films did Artisan Entertainment distribute?" then this list can help you out.
  • Bob Roberts

    Susan Sarandon, Jack Black


    Directed byTim Robbins

    Bob Roberts is a 1992 satirical mockumentary film written, directed by and starring Tim Robbins. It tells the rise of Bob Roberts, a right-wing politician who is a candidate for an upcoming United...  more
  • Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

    Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien


    Directed byJoe Berlinger

    Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is a 2000 American psychological horror film and the sequel to The Blair Witch Project, directed by Joe Berlinger. Another sequel was planned but never materialized. In...  more

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  • Chicago Joe and the Showgirl

    Kiefer Sutherland, Patsy Kensit


    Directed byBernard Rose

    Chicago Joe and the Showgirl is a 1990 British crime drama film directed by Bernard Rose and written by David Yallop. The film was inspired by the real-life Hulten/Jones murder case of 1944,...  more
  • Chuck & Buck

    Maya Rudolph, Mike White


    Directed byMiguel Arteta

    Chuck & Buck is a 2000 comedy-drama film written by and starring Mike White, and directed by Miguel Arteta....  more
  • Fall Time

    Mickey Rourke, David Arquette


    Directed byPaul Warner

    Fall Time is a 1995 film directed by Paul Warner and co-written by Paul Skemp and Steve Alden. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1995....  more
  • In Enemy Hands

    Ian Somerhalder, William H. Macy


    Directed byTony Giglio

    In Enemy Hands (aka U-Boat) is a 2004 American submarine film directed by Tony Giglio. When American submarine Swordfish is torpedoed the survivors are picked up by a passing German U-boat but an...  more
  • Man-Thing

    Rachael Taylor, Alex O'Loughlin


    Directed byBrett Leonard

    Man-Thing is a 2005 American superhero horror film, directed by Brett Leonard and featuring the Marvel Comics creature created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, and Gerry Conway. The plot is based loosely on...  more
  • Pentathlon

    Dolph Lundren, David Soul


    Directed byBruce Malmuth

    Pentathlon is a 1994 American action thriller film directed by Bruce Malmuth and starring Dolph Lundgren as an East German Olympic gold medalist pentathlete on the run from a lethal coach....  more
  • Reservoir Dogs

    Quentin Tarantino, Steve Buscemi


    Directed byQuentin Tarantino

    Reservoir Dogs is a 1992 American ensemble crime film that depicts the events before and after a botched diamond heist. The film was the debut of director and writer Quentin Tarantino, and stars...  more

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  • The Arrival

    Charlie Sheen, Teri Polo


    Directed byDavid Twohy

    The Arrival is a 1996 science fiction film directed by David Twohy and starring Charlie Sheen, and co-starring Lindsay Crouse, Ron Silver, Teri Polo, and Richard Schiff. Sheen stars as radio...  more

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  • The Punisher

    John Travolta, Rebecca Romijn


    Directed byJonathan Hensleigh

    The Punisher is a 2004 American comic book vigilante action film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, starring Thomas Jane as the antihero Frank Castle / The Punisher and John...  more

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  • Ticker

    Steven Seagal, Nas


    Directed byAlbert Pyun

    Ticker is a 2001 action film directed by Albert Pyun, starring Tom Sizemore, Jaime Pressly, Dennis Hopper, Steven Seagal, Ice-T, Kevin Gage, and Nas....  more
  • Tom and Jerry: The Movie

    Henry Gibson, Charlotte Rae


    Directed byPhil Roman

    The popular cartoon cat and mouse are thrown into a feature film. The story has the twosome trying to help an orphan girl who is being berated and exploited by a greedy guardian....  more

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