Is This Controversial Instagram Full Of Real Gore Or Flawless Makeup?

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Although most Instagram makeup artists create looks meant to enhance the face and ita features, one special effects makeup artist makes people look like death. On Marc Clancy's Instagram page, instead of contoured faces and fleeky eyebrows, you will see eerie special effects and gory makeup tutorials. Clancy, a self-taught sfx makeup artist, uses all sorts of materials to create gruesome visuals like those from Evil Dead or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Additionally, Clancy's gore makeup discriminates against no body parts, with arms, legs, fingers, and eyes all completely disfigured in his work. Clancy even shares videos of the gore makeup coming off, giving his fans additional fodder to fawn and freak out over.

Check out his best looks below, that is, if you have the stomach for it.