This Guy Makes Super Detailed Trench Warfare Miniatures And They're Fascinating

Andy Belsey has been making miniatures since his childhood. As an adult, he’s been posting his incredibly detailed, captivating work on his site, Andy Belsey – Models. He's been professionally making architectural models for several decades, but more recently he became interested in making art about WWI, and his work has inspired fan bases all around the internet.

Belsey's reasons for focusing on WWI in his art go beyond simple fascination. On his website, he explains: "my WW1 interest started with my collection of family memorabilia from the period. My Grandparents and their siblings were just ordinary people caught up in the global conflict. My paternal Grandfather had emigrated to Canada and only returned to look after his younger brother...While back in England, he met my Grandmother, so I am a result of [WWI] If it hadn't happened, I wouldn't exist!" 

From his unbelievably intricate Somme aircraft to his minutely sprawling trenches, Belsey's miniatures show the reality of trench warfare and inspire an interested observer to take their time when viewing: no detail should be missed.