This Artist Illustrated 31 Different Nightmarish Phobias And The Results Are Beautiful

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One artist illustrated the worst phobias a person could have and the results are horrific. Shawn Coss is a licensed registered nurse, but he's also the talented artist behind these terrifying phobia images. Coss also doubles as an artist for the Cyanide and Happiness webcomic.

As a self-taught artist, Coss is fond of the creepy and unsettling – themes which pair perfectly with many phobias. In 2016, he tried to raise awareness of mental illness by posting artist representations to Instagram every day in October. A year later, Coss took on a similar challenge, dedicating the new illustrations to phobias.

Creating these illustrations were therapeutic for him. Imagining the most disturbing phobias – like Eisoptrophobia (AKA the fear of mirrors) – as a creepy humanoid form is a completely new way of looking at them. Coss's phobia collection includes many of the most common phobias, like arachnophobia, in addition to some lesser-known fears. These 31 illustrations of phobias may be terrifying, but they are also an insightful look into the human psyche.