This Artist Turns Your Favorite Childhood Characters Into Horrible Monsters

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When you look back at all the delightful characters you remember from your childhood, you probably get a warm, fuzzy feeling connected with all those memories. Sorry – it's time to shatter all those memories to a billion pieces, thanks to artist who turns childhood characters into horrible monsters.

That artist goes by the name Disse86, and their undeniably awesome, truly frightening portraits of characters like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, and more are unforgettable. With some careful tweaks and a presumably dark imagination, they transform them from beloved characters from your youth into nightmares.

Check out some of Disse86's best creepy versions of your favorite cartoons. It takes a special kind of talent to draw pop culture favorite cartoons turned into scary monsters. Whether they're horrifyingly realistic or just more grown-up than you expected, you'll never see these characters the same way again.