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This Artist Creates Vivid Reimaginings Of Historical Figures In Modern Styles 

Ryleigh Nucilli
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It's fun to imagine: what were historical figures really like? How would they fit in the modern world? How would we react to them in some alternate timeline where we cross paths? What would they look like if they lived today? Thanks to Graphic Designer and History Enthusiast Becca Saladin, and the Instagram account royalty_now_, we don't have to imagine answers to that last question anymore. Saladin creates vivid portraits of historical figures in modern clothes, makeup, and hairstyles, and the effect is something else.

From Jane Austen with her hair down to Ben Franklin looking sharp with his high-and-tight cut, Saladin gives us a new view of the past and the people who inhabited it. Like 3D recreations of historical figures, modern reimaginings of them really shouldn't be missed.


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Birthplace: Thebes, Egypt

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Age: Dec. at 56 (99 BC-43 BC)

Birthplace: Rome, Italy

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Age: Dec. at 44 (15-59)

Birthplace: Cologne, Germany

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Age: Dec. at 35 (1501-1536)

Birthplace: Hever, United Kingdom

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