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This Artist Explores What It Would Look Like If Your Favorite Disney Princesses Switched Places

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Many illustrators try their hand at creating amazing Disney fan art but illustrator Dylan Bonner is exceptionally skilled at the feat.

There is hardly another studio in the world with as many beloved films and show series as the Walt Disney conglomerate. In fact, Disney has a monopoly on animated princesses and other characters that fans love to emulate with their own realistic drawings. While some Disney fan art is disturbing, each piece has been created by artists who put their blood, sweat, and tears into the work. Their effort is commendable.

Dylan Bonner's work stands out, though, because he removes beloved Disney princesses from their familiar settings and depicts them in whole new worlds. With vivid coloring and great attention to detail, Bonner's princesses make sense in the gowns of other animated, royal characters. When Jasmine eats Snow White's apple, Bonner's viewers wonder why the Arabian princess didn't star as a sleeping maiden, instead. When the avant-garde artist's Cinderella enters the Bayou, it seems like she belongs there more than Tiana does.

Here are some of Dylan Bonner's most charming Disney princess crossovers. Which ones would you like to see become new animated classics?