This Instagram Artist Is Creating Mouthwatering IRL Miyazaki Meals

Ever watching a Studio Ghibli film and find yourself daydreaming about what it'd be like to dive in to one of the absolutely delectable looking dishes that gets thrown in your face? Yeah, you're not alone. Instagram artist en93kitchen is crafting culinary delights that will send any fan of Hayao Miyazaki movies for a spin. From smash-hit features like Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky to lesser known, lovable titles like Tales from Earthsea and When Marnie Was There, en93kitchen is cooking up cinematic delights for both your eyes and tastebuds.

Bringing the best looking meals from Miyazaki movies and Studio Ghibli films to life, the collection of dishes en93kitchen displays on Instagram are enough to make your mouth water. Whether you're hungry for stunning anime or a course of cartoon-inspired meals, their Miyazaki menu will leave your stomach will be rumbling for more.