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Artist Reimagines Famous Historical Figures As Tattooed Rebels

Updated September 15, 2017 27.2k views11 items

Have you ever thought about what some of the most glamorous stars from Old Hollywood would look like by today's beauty, style, and fashion standards? Sure, it might mean some of the more bodacious women would be expected to have slimmer waistlines because women's beauty standards seem to be on a never-ending crash course toward women becoming so slim they don't exist. But, there are also some positive, beautiful, and transgressive possibilities that can come from casting backward aesthetically. Artist Cheyenne Randall, who is based in Seattle, Washington, is doing just that with his art that re-imagines some of the most glamorous figures from history with body art.

According to his website, "Randall explores the identity of iconic individuals from yesterday and today," and he "blends traditional American culture with some of history's most celebrated Pop Icons" in his "'Shopped Tattoo' series." This series "calls to question the modern obsession with fame and glamor as well as the stigmas surrounding body modifications in today's societies." And the images, in their blending of pop culture, iconicity, and social stigma, are truly beautiful. Thankfully, Randall sells his prints, and you can have a full-sleeve Frida Kahlo of your very own... unless you're more of a Marilyn Monroe person, that is. She's there too.