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This Artist Visualizes What It Feels Like To Be On Different Drugs

Updated July 7, 2017 10.1k views20 items

Ever wondered what it feels like to take different drugs? You're not alone - professional graphic designer and digital artist Brian Pollett was curious about those sensations as well. So, in a project that he says "compromised [his] sanity, [his] finances, and [his] reputation," the San Francisco-based Pollett created amazing visual representations of drugs. Some of this artwork showing drug effects depicts drug use as a healing, creativity-boosting experience with crazy visuals, while others suggest disturbing bad reactions. Either way, when an artist illustrates being on drugs, your mind will be blown.

For those who might be tempted to recreate Pollett's experiment, keep in mind what he said in an interview with A Plus: "I've done years of research, I understand the effects both emotionally and chemically. I used drug testing kits to ensure I was taking the correct substance, and I was always in the comfort of my studio while listening to my favorite music."

While the artwork that resulted from Pollett's drug use is incredible, the process shouldn't be taken lightly. You're better off simply enjoying his work and maybe watching a trippy movie or two.

  • Day 1: Butylone

    Photo: Brian Pollett
  • Day 2: G.H.B

    Photo: Brian Pollett
  • Day 3: Codeine

    Photo: Brian Pollett
  • Day 4: T.H.C

    Photo: Brian Pollett