The Best Bands & Artists That Start With Q

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We're ranking the best bands and solo artists that start with Q across every music genre and generation. From Grammy Award-winning superstars Queen Latifah and Quincy Jones, to rock legends Queen and Queens of the Stone Age, this compilation of artists contains a diverse range of multi-talented musicians with names all beginning with the letter Q. 

Metal heads Queensrÿche and Quiet Riot never cease to captivate fans across their profound records and live performances; and hip-hop moguls Q-Tip, Q Da Fool, and Quavo indisputably remain forces to be reckoned with among the rap world. Q Lazzarus (rest in peace) left an unparalleled mark on Hollywood's film music scene; and the Quarrymen evolved into one of the greatest bands of all time: the Beatles.

Vote below for your favorite singers, bands, rappers, DJs, and composers whose names start with Q, and feel free to check out these artists' discography lists afterwards if you'd like to discover more of their incredible music. 

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