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"Game of Thrones" is a show ripe with powerful moments, witty dialogue, awesome imagery, and memorable moments. What better way to bring all of these different elements together than in a GIF. One of the most popular GoT characters is the always spunky Arya Stark, and some of the best "Game of Thrones" GIFs are all about Arya.

Arya Stark GIFs are always interesting because she's such a feisty little character, and because she (quite intentionally) comes across as both a little girl and a little boy. Her relationships and interactions with everyone (especially The Hound) always yield interesting results.

Below are the best Arya Stark GIFs from "Game of Thrones." Vote up the best Arya GIFs below and take a look at her best quotes, for even more Arya awesomeness.
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Lady Arya

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Most Girls

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You Shouldn't Insult People Bigger Than You


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Valar Morghulis


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