10+ Comic Strips That Perfectly Capture The Brutal Cycle Of Dating

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Artist Dami Lee thrives on highlighting the mundane extremities of day-to-day life through her webcomic series As Per Usual – which she does hilariously in As Per Usual comic strips about relationships. Focusing on the idiosyncrasies of partners and courtship allows Lee to create hilarious webcomics about relationships anyone with a romantic past can relate to.

Like the work of webcomic writers such as NHOJ and Sarah's Scribbles, Dami Lee's comic strips portray the ins-and-outs of common scenarios in smart and succinct strips. Relationships in As Per Usual comics are just like anyone else's, with a bit of added drama that all comics need. When reading through each As Per Usual relationship, you will definitely find yourself nodding in agreement at the screen. 

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