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Anna Lindwasser
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Plenty of anime characters don't have sex – after all, a lot of it is aimed at kids and teenagers, and the series aimed at adults still doesn't usually get explicit. That said, it's pretty rare to come across a character who makes it clear that they aren't interested, and rarer still to find an anime character who actually identifies themselves as asexual.

Asexuality refers to a lack of sexual attraction, or a low or nonexistent desire to engage in sexual activities. This is distinct from celibacy, which is a conscious decision to abstain from sex, despite the presence of sexual attraction. Asexuals can, and often do have sex. Sometimes, it's for procreation. Sometimes, it's for the same reason that people who aren't really into hiking will hit the trail with their significant other – they want to make the other person happy and participate in activities they enjoy. They can have romantic relationships – though in Japan, the term "asexual" tends to refer to people who are both asexual and aromantic, while the term "nonsexual" means people who have relationships without sex.

This list focuses on anime characters who are probably asexual, based on their behavior, their words, or what their creators have said about them. Because of said rarity, much of this is up for interpretation.The characters on this list exhibit a distinct lack of interest in sexual activity, but what that means about the character's sexuality isn't always clear. Also, some of these representations aren't exactly positive, and may even be offensive. Vote to let the world know which interpretations you agree with, and which you don't.

Izaya Orihara is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 13 Anime Characters Who Are Probably Asexual
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Durarara!!'s Izaya Orihara is one of the few anime characters who has actually declared himself to be asexual, making him an absolute must for any list on the subject. In the Durarara!! novels, Izaya says that he has no interest in anyone, male or female. While the novel does imply that he had some kind of sexual relationship with Mikage in the past, that doesn't negate asexuality. Asexual people can and do have sex – they just don't feel sexual attraction. 

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Light Yagami is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 13 Anime Characters Who Are Probably Asexual
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Okay, so Light Yagami from Death Note probably is having sex. After all, he has to convince Misa Amane and Kiyomi Takada that he's at least a little bit in love with them, otherwise, he loses his means of manipulating them.

That said, if he were actually a sexual person, he'd be a little more enthusiastic about having two blisteringly hot women salivating over him. While some have argued that this is because he's gay, it's not like the equally hot Teru Mikami doesn't worship him just as hard.

Despite ample opportunity, Light Yagami simply doesn't have the time or inclination. He's too busy trying to be the god of the new world.

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Makoto Sunakawa – My Love Story

Makoto Sunakawa – My Love Stor... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 13 Anime Characters Who Are Probably Asexual
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My Love Story focuses on the obviously not asexual Takeo Gouda and his budding relationship with his girlfriend, Rinko Yamato. Takeo really wants his best friend Sunakawa to share his joy and find his own relationship, but Suna is really not interested.

Despite plenty of opportunities to go out with his female classmates, he finds the concept boring and doesn't want to invest his time in it. He's perfectly capable of dispensing romantic advice to both Takeo and Yamato, but as for himself, he'd rather not bother. Like some real asexual people, he's open to the idea of maybe meeting someone who does stir feelings of attraction, but for now, that's just not in his orbit.

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Haruka Nanase is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 13 Anime Characters Who Are Probably Asexual
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Many fans see Haruka Nanasethe protagonist of Free! as asexual. This is ironic given the gratuitous fan service present in the show, but there's evidence for it. Haru's primarily desire in life is swim or be immersed in water; this is the only time when he feels "free." He seems reluctant to live the life required of him as a human being – preferring swimming to school, human interaction, and basically everything else. 

While being emotionally disconnected from others doesn't automatically imply asexuality, Haru never expresses any sexual desire for anyone. In a series where characters constantly connect through hugs, Haru hardly ever touches anyone. During a scene where he's asked about his "first love," he claims that it was a waterfall – a statement that is probably a combination of trolling and truth. One could argue that he's sexually attracted to water, but that might be stretching things a bit.

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