Behind The Scenes Of The ‘Evil Dead’ Trilogy

For many horror fans, the Evil Dead trilogy was their first foray into the grimy, blood-soaked world of B-movies. Each film in the trilogy follows Ash Williams as he fights off ancient Sumerian demons that want to swallow his soul. Made by lifelong friends Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, the first two films in the series are essentially different tellings of the same story - a group of people go to a cabin in the woods and things take a turn for the worse. The third film, Army of Darkness, however, thrusts Ash back in time and pits him against an army of zombies. 

Looking at Evil Dead behind the scenes, it's understandable why the same cast and crew would want to return to continue telling this story. Who doesn't want to work on a monster movie all day? As fun as these movies were to make, they weren’t without their challenges. People were physically hurt and had to act while blind, and there was always some sort of interference from a studio or a governing body that thought the Evil Dead films were just too weird.