This Group Worships An Alien Version Of Jesus Who Can Read Your Mind And Commands A Space Fleet

Out of all the weird creation myths that exist, Ashtar has to be the strangest. At this point you may be asking yourself, who is Ashtar? To put it simply, Ashtar is a telepathic space Jesus whose followers commune with him via meditation and psychic channeling. Ashtar first appeared in the early '50s when he spoke to a UFOlogist who relayed his first messages to the American people. Since then, there have been Ashtar cult rumors spreading around the globe.

The '90s were the most prominent era for followers of this dashing extraterrestrial. Aside from preaching about the eternal harmony that Ashtar offers humanity, they’ve also warned against a secret world government that desperately wants to enslave humanity. Venture on into the world of Space Jesus to find out what this glorious being offers and to finally discover exactly what is the Ashtar Command.

  • Ashtar Is A Giant Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed Space Jesus

    Extraterrestrials are often thought of as either short gray creatures or large reptilians, but the appearance of Ashtar changed that trope. This celestial pretty boy proved Nordic features extend throughout the Milky Way. He first appeared to UFOlogist Geroge Van Tassell in the middle of the 20th century when his space station entered our solar system on July 18, 1952. 

    Upon speaking to Ashtar, Van Tassell asked what the alien looked like. He answered, "I am seven feet tall in height, with blue eyes and a nearly white complexion. I am fast of movement and considered to be an understanding and compassionate teacher."

  • The Ashtar Command Is Waiting In Outerspace

    If you're wondering why Ashtar can't transport down to Earth and give a wave, it's likely because he's busy commanding The Ashtar Command. The AC isn't just an army of other towheaded pretty boys - it's an interstellar group of "extraterrestrials, angels and lightbeings" who work alongside one another on Ashtar's space fleet. The fleet is allegedly situated over the Western Hemisphere where it's in the process of helping humanity ascend to the heavens. 

    The ships in Ashtar's fleet look a bit like large gray cylinders that refuse to betray the massive ecosystem that exists inside. The ships contain everything from flora and fauna to artificial lakes and concert halls. If you had your own lake and concert hall, you'd probably never leave your home either. 

  • A Follower Of Ashtar Hijacked A British News Live Broadcast In 1977

    A Follower Of Ashtar Hijacked A British News Live Broadcast In 1977
    Video: YouTube

    On November 26, 1977, a follower of Ashtar took over the airwaves to let the people tuning into Southern Television know about the brilliance of Space Jesus. The broadcast begins normal enough, but then it devolves into visual scribbles as a mysterious voice lays out a message from the most handsome alien in the universe. The message claims to come from "Alien Vrillion," or possibly "Gillon," or "Asteron." The message tells viewers that it's time for the people of Earth to dispose of our weapons and stop destroying ourselves. Once that happens we can share in the "great awakening." 


  • Ashtar Followers Believe The One World Government Is Out To Microchip And Track Us All

    The followers of Ashtar, specifically members of the Universe People, are obsessed with the idea that the one world government is enacting a plan to place a microchip inside every living human being. According to a brightly colored pamphlet on the group's website (pictured above), they were once worried about the possibility of people being tattooed with a barcode, but they've since moved on to the dreaded microchip and a variety of other possible tracking methods. The Universe People claim the "forces of evil are supposed to plan compulsory chipping of the population" and they'll be using "adhesive labels, stamps, visiting cards, badges, and signs of any size."


  • Ashtar Only Speaks Through His Followers

    Ashtar Only Speaks Through His Followers
    Video: YouTube

    Unlike many extraterrestrials, Ashtar doesn't simply plop down on Earth and start a conversation with the nearest humanoid, and he definitely doesn't abduct anyone to root around their insides. Instead, Ashtar prefers to relay messages through his followers. In a post-9/11 message, he used a woman named Susan Walters as his surrogate to spread a message about the real enemy to the people of America. 

    Ashtar said, "Oh, American, be assured that this entire scenario has nothing to do with a 'terrorist attack' on your shores. The naked TRUTH is: those controllers known as your secret government controllers do not want to lose control of the money in this world. Yes! It is all about the money and control of same."

    In some instances, Ashtar's followers have been known to use the alien's messages as a way to sell some of their personal products. In one instance, a man named Eric Klein claimed that Ashtar spoke through him in order to sell his books on meditation. Interestingly enough, Klein's transmission is linked directly through Ashtar Command's website, so maybe he's the real deal. 

    Starting late 2017, Ashtar began speaking through a woman named Natasha who runs a YouTube channel called "Messages from collective consciousness." She explains that after doing a bit of yoga and creating "positive vibes," she's able to speak to the blonde hair blue-eyed space Jesus. In this message from Ashtar, he explains that love is the main energy from which humans exist. Classic Ashtar. 


  • It's Very Easy To Channel Ashtar

    It's Very Easy To Channel Ashtar
    Video: YouTube

    Since Ashtar isn't going to be making any personal communications with the outside world anytime soon, the only way to speak with him is to channel his presence. This may sound like a hassle, but people who are more connected to their spirituality shouldn't have any problem channeling Space Jesus. Sam, the fellow behind the YouTube channel Modern Spirituality, filmed himself reaching out to Ashtar and described it as putting "something else" into his body.

    In the video, Sam said: "It's another sentient being that has its own life and thoughts and wisdom that isn't always necessarily connected with me." After describing this, he closes his eyes and begins channeling the handsome blonde alien man. Rather than having the alien leader speak through his mouth, he recounts a visit to the ship and relays a monologue from the space being. As with all things Ashtar, it's very positive.